Equine Doping

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QuantiLAB has a lengthy history of equine testing. The Mauritius Turf Club Laboratory (MTCL) was established in 1986 as part of the local racing jurisdiction’s goal of providing high-quality equine sporting events to the community. In 2014, QuantiLAB was created to succeed the MTCL. Since its inception in 1986, the laboratory has grown through unwavering dedication and technological innovation to become QuantiLAB as it is today.

Since 2008, the laboratory has been ISO 17025 / ILAC G7 Accredited, with a dynamic and resilient quality system that has constantly evolved to provide the highest standards of analytical competence, technology, and customer service.

In 2014, a new laboratory facility with cutting-edge technology for doping control was created, ensuring that you, our customer, receive the best in terms of analytes coverage, analytical quality, and turnaround time.

You will benefit from the following advantages by working with us:

Many programs are included in QuantiLAB’s quality system to ensure very reliable service. These programs include international interlaboratory exchanges (AQAN) and double-blind samples inserted in sample batches.

For almost ten years, QuantiLAB has received a perfect score on the AORC proficiency test.

We would be honoured to be recognized as a partner in your continuous quest to attain the greatest quality and we look forward to beginning this journey with you.

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