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Quality System

endeavours to maintain a very high level of quality in both its inspection and analytical services.

We do not compromise with our quality system which is based on international standards developed by the International Standards Organisation, such as ISO 17025 and ISO 17020. Our Quality Policy along with our Quality manual are the backbone of our system.

Quality Policy

The purpose of QuantiLAB’s management system is to develop and ensure competence in the laboratory so that it can effectively analyze all categories of samples as described in the Analytical Methods Manual.

The Management of QuantiLAB Ltd is also committed to the following:

  • Its staffs shall follow good professional practices by adhering to approved standards and ethics.
  • The quality system implemented and maintained in its laboratory shall be in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ILAC-G7:06/2009 “Accreditation Requirements and Operating Criteria for Horseracing Laboratories” and the inspection department shall adhere to practices as described as per ISO/IEC 17020.
  • Its staffs are updated with the latest information on their subject of work and are well versed with SOPs as per which they work. Laboratory staffs are required to take a confidentiality pledge (annex-1 of the Quality Manual/ Employment Agreement Contract).
  • The laboratory is required to maintain its accreditation through MAURITAS and to participate in international Proficiency Testing programs on a regular basis in order to ensure that its services are of global equivalence.
  • It is the duty of all laboratory staffs to familiarize themselves with the laboratory’s quality documentation and to adhere to the policies and procedures described in the Quality Manual.
  • The Laboratory’s Managing Director is responsible to ensure that the Quality Policy Statement is implemented in its totality within QuantiLAB.
  • The Quality Manager is responsible to determine if the laboratory staffs are consistently following the norms of the management system and inform the Managing Director of any violations.
  • The Quality Manager shall organize management review meetings to apprise the work carried out within the laboratory.