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Food Testing

The World’s demand for safe, and healthy food is on the rise and companies need to continually upgrade and find new ways to ensure that the high rate of food production and supply does not result in deteriorated quality of products.

QuantiLAB prides itself on it's expert staff and modern technologies that enable the company to offer a wide range of analytical solutions for regulatory bodies, businesses and Quality systems around the world.

Our laboratory continues to expand by putting the needs of our clients at the forefront of our development strategy. This is why we have applied for an extension of our ISO 17025 –Accreditation to include over 100 new parameters dedicated to food safety and food forensic testing.

We offer the basic analyses required by local and international regulations, such as nutritional analysis, pathogen detection etc. but are unique amongst our competitors due to our capability to offer the following high-level analytical solutions locally.

  • POPs
  • Pesticides , Non-PCB’s and PCB’s.
  • Fatty acid profiles.
  • Amino acid profiles
  • Sudan dyes
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Hormones in meat
  • Antibiotics/ drug residues.
  • Heavy metals at ppb
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Pathogen testing

R & D

QuantiLAB boasts a team with many years of experience in a range of analytical areas. This has allowed us to offer a value-added service to clients that undertake research for product development and even exploration.

Food Testing