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The demand for a clean, safe environment is becoming a priority for our sustainable development.

QuantiLAB has a role to play in enabling the monitoring and improvement of the environment through offering a range of expert analytical solutions to both the private and public sectors.

Our services comprise of testing for water, soil, air, waste and other products in order to assess their status and impact on their immediate environment.

Our laboratory's capabilities are fast-expanding with the needs of our clients at the forefront of our development.

Quantilab offers testing of many parameters that concern the environment in both the field of microbiology and chemistry. An example of this is our ability to provide accurate analytical testing for over 400 pesticides in plants and water.

R & D

QuantiLAB boasts a team with many years of experience in a range of analytical areas. This has allowed us to offer a value-added service to clients that undertake research for product development and even exploration.