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Forensic Toxicology

performs over 4000 A-sample analyses per year as well as analysis of B-samples for several overseas clients.

QuantiLAB started its toxicology analysis as the MTCL in the field of equine and human doping control back in 1986.

The laboratory is equipped with up-to-date technologies including Orbitrap UPLC/HRMSMS, Triple Quadrupole UPLC/MSMS, Triple Quadrupole GCMSMS, Ion Trap GCMSn, and Single Quadrupole GCMS.

Its equine and human testing activities have been accredited to the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 since February 2008. The laboratory is a member of the Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC) and Bertrand Baudot, the laboratory Manager, is a Professional Member of the AORC.

QuantiLAB analyses A-samples for the Mauritius Turf Club and other racing jurisdictions. It also acts as Referee Laboratory for the analysis of B-samples for several overseas racing jurisdictions.

The quality system implemented in QuantiLAB includes participation in AORC proficiency schemes on a yealy basis, for which our team has maintained a 100% pass rate for over 10 years.

QuantiLAB offers the following services in the field of forensic toxicology:

Equine Doping Control

  • Analysis of equine blood urine and hair samples for prohibited/ illicit substances.
  • Screening
  • Confirmatory analysis

Animal Feed testing

  • Feed screening for organic contaminants
  • Heavy metal contaminants

R & D

QuantiLAB boasts a team with many years of experience in a range of analytical areas. This has allowed us to offer a value-added service to clients that undertake research for product development and even exploration.

Forensic Toxicology