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News Corner

Leigh-anne Mc Intyre

Quantilab achieves another extension of scope for ISO 17025-Accredited parameters.

By Leigh-anne Mc Intyre on 3/6/2017

In line with its constant development and client demands, Quantilab has achieved another extension of its ISO 17025-Accreditation to cover additional parameters in Microbiology, Inorganic and Organic chemistry.

QuantiLAB renews ISO 17025 Accreditation with a larger scope

By Leigh-anne Mc Intyre on 3/31/2016

On the 15th March 2016, QuantiLAB received its renewed ISO 17025 Accreditation certificate after a full re-assessment of its technical and management activities

QuantiLAB Ltd expands its scope for ISO 17025 Accreditation by 82 parameters!!

By Leigh-anne Mc Intyre on 11/10/2015

In October 2015 QuantiLAB received its official new Schedule of ISO 17025 Accreditation (click here for recent scope) which includes an additional 82 parameters for the analysis of both food and water.

Honourable Minister Jayeshwur Raj Dayal, CSK, PDSM, QPM​ visits QuantiLAB

By Leigh-anne Mc Intyre on 8/11/2015

QuantiLAB was honoured with a visit by the Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development, and Disaster and Beach Management, Mr Jayeshwur Raj Dayal, CSK, PDSM, QPM​.

QuantiLAB announces partnership with international group, Mérieux NutriSciences

By Leigh-anne Mc Intyre on 5/29/2015

On the 29th May, 2015 QuantiLAB announced its partnership with the internationally renowned group, Mérieux NutriSciences.

QuantiLAB attains ISO 17025 accreditation for new facility

By Leigh-anne Mc Intyre on 4/13/2015

After moving to it’s new facilities in Phoenix, QuabtiLAB was required by its Accrediation body to apply for a voluntary suspension of its ISO17025 accreditation pending an initial assessment of its activities in it’s new premises. This procedure exists for all analytical laboratories, internationally in order to ensure that the new premises meets ISO 17025 requirements.

QuantiLAB moves to it’s new facilities in the Bio Park, Socota Phoenicia

By Leigh-anne Mc Intyre on 4/13/2015

QuantiLAB moved to its new, state-of-the-art facility in the Socota Phoenicia Complex in Phoenix on the 18th July 2014.


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