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Our History

was “born” as the successor to the Mauritius Turf Club Laboratory (MTCL) on the 2nd of December 2013 and holds a rich history in Maurtius...

The Mauritius Turf Club Laboratory was set up in 1986. At this time, the laboratory used simple methods of analysis due to its limited financial resources and mainly “pre-race” samples were analysed as a screening mechanism.

Because these past screening techniques were sensitive and specific only to a restricted range of drugs, the MTC had to turn to the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club Laboratory and the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory for analysis of their“post-race” samples.

Ten years later, the laboratory expanded and its anti-doping control unit modernised with the introduction of up-to-date instruments. In 1997, the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club donated a GCMS to the laboratory thus enabling it to perform analysis of prohibited substances more efficiently. In the following years, the MTCL was equipped with additional instruments, such as the GCMS and the LCMSMS, allowing the screening of a larger range of prohibited drugs.

Two years later it was decided that the laboratory should obtain an accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025 and ILAC G7. In 2008, the MTCL became the first Accredited Mauritian Laboratory from MAURITAS (Mauritius Accreditation body) assessed by SANAS (South African body responsible for the accreditation of laboratories).

During this process the MTCL became operationally independent of the Turf Club as required by ISO 17025 and has experienced an exceptional growth. In 2010 the laboratory was moved to a new location with an area of more than 1000 metres squared situated at the centre of the MTC Race Course at Champ de Mars. MTCL had, at that time, 9 employees and was equipped with state-of-the-art technology like the Orbitrab LC/HRMSMS, Triple Quadrupole LC/MSMS, Ion Trap LC/MSn, Triple Quadrupole GCMSMS, Ion Trap GC/MSn and Quadrupole GCMS.

The laboratory very quickly became internationally reknown for its competency. To this day, QuantiLAB analyses equine samples for the MTC and other reputable international racing jurisdictions.

Due to unforseen financial pressures, the laboratory was encouraged to look to external investors in order to support its continued growth and plans for diversification, the idea being to create a shareholding structure that would still allow for the maintenance of it’s operational independence.

It was with this in mind that QuantiLAB was incorporated on the 2nd of December 2013.

All MTCL staff and existing instruments were transferred to the new company and a new facility was built and operational within 6 months in the centre of the Island in Socota Phoenicia, Phoenix, Mauritius. This new facility enabled the creation of two additional departments, namely Inorganic Chemistry and Microbiology and QuantiLAB is today, a multi-disciplinary laboratory able to offer services to various markets, including food, agro-industries, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries etc.

QuantiLAB recently organised the International Conference of Racing Chemists (ICRAV) with the participation of more than 250 people from more than 32 countries in September 2014. The conference included a workshop on the “Analysis of protein and peptide-based drugs” in collaboration with the France-based Laboratoire des Course Hippique (LCH).

It was during this conference that the new QuantiLAB premises was officially inaugurated by Mr David KK. Leung of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Mr Leung has witnessed the growth of QuantiLAB from its early days as part of the MTC.

Our Hstory